Young D Boyz - Sellin' Cocaine As Usual

Young D Boyz | Sellin' Cocaine As Usual | 1994 | Vallejo | CD Single

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Young D Boyz is a rap group from southside Vallejo, California, made up of B-Bop (Marlon Brown) and Khadaffi. They came together in the early 90's and released the underground tape Dank Funk, produced by D-Bone.

In 1994, they released their debut studio single "Sellin' Cocaine As Usual". The single was released for River-T Records and distributed by Alliance Entertainment. The beats were produced by Khayree, John Dillinger, Amos Carter, Matt Thurston, and Tony Duane.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: River-T Records

Distributed By: Alliance Entertainment

Produced By: Khayree

Co-Produced By: John Dillinger, Amos Carter, Matt Thurston, Tony Duane

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

Hood: Su-Side

City: Vallejo

State: California

Area Code: 707


1Young D BoyzSellin' Cocaine As Usual04:57
Produced By: Khayree
2Young D BoyzIt Don't Stop05:11
Produced By: John Dillinger, Amos Carter, Matt Thurston
3Young D BoyzKeep It Poppin' On The Dope Track05:19
Produced By: Tony Duane
4Young D BoyzAlbum Preview: [Mr Chronic, Younga Dayz, My B*** Is My Money]03:47
Produced By: Khayree
5Young D BoyzSellin' Cocaine As Usual (Instrumental)04:58
Produced By: Khayree
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