Yella - One Mo Ni**a Ta Go

Yella | One Mo Ni**a Ta Go | 1996 | Compton | CD Album

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"One Mo Ni**a Ta Go" is a 1996 album by former N.W.A producer DJ Yella. It is a tribute dedicated to the late Eazy-E, a long-time friend and fellow N.W.A member, who died of AIDS on March 26, 1995, exactly one year before the album was released. The album cover shows close-up of Eazy-E's face and Yella himself at Eazy-E's grave. Singles included "Dat's How I'm Livin, and "4 Tha E," a tribute to Eazy-E. The album is certified Gold.

DJ Yella produced the whole album, but did not rap on most of it. Yella never released any other solo material, and after the release he left the music industry to direct pornographic films (until 2011, when he started working on a new album called West Coastin'). One of the reasons Yella made this album was to help raise money for college for nine of Eazy-E's children.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Street Life Records

Executive Producer: Antoine "Yella" Carraby, Chuck Gullo, David Micher

Produced By: Yella

Co-Produced By: Donovan "Tha Dirt Biker" Sound, Don "D-Dawg" Spratley

Style: Gangsta

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


1YellaDose Of Reality
2Dirty RedWest Side Story
4DrestaStreets Won't Let Me Go
6YellaNeva Had A Chance
8Kokane4 Tha E
10Traci NelsonSend 4 Me
12B.G. Knocc OutDat's How I'm Livin
14Dirty RedAin't No Luv
16Leicy Loc2Two Face
18YеllaSo In Luv
20YеllaNot Long Ago
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