Most Wanted Posse - Make It Happen

Most Wanted Posse - Make It Happen

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Most Wanted Posse was a hip-hop/rap group from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their debut studio album, "Make It Happen" was released in 1993 by Wanted Records. All songs produced by Roland & Goldfingers.

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Released: 1993

Record Label: Wanted Records

Executive Producer: James A. Littles

Produced By: Roland & Goldfingers

Style: Gangsta

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1Most Wanted PosseMake It Happen
2Most Wanted PosseWhat Ya In 4
3Most Wanted PosseA Gangster's Journey
4Most Wanted PosseIt Was A West Bank Thing - Part 2
5Most Wanted PosseShort With An Attitude
6Most Wanted PosseLet Me C U Get Hype
7Most Wanted Posse9th Ward Runs Shit
8Most Wanted PosseIt's All About Us 3
9Most Wanted PosseFuck Being Faithful
10Most Wanted PosseMoney Talks, Bullshit Walks
11Most Wanted PosseStraight From New Orleans
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