Trick-Trick & The Goon Sqwad - G4 Life


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Trick Trick (real name Christian Mathis) is a hip-hop/rap artist from Detroit, Michigan, and former member of the Goon Sqwad. Their second studio album, "G4 Life" was released in 1997 by Click Boom Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Click Boom Records

Produced By: Chris "Tricky" Mathis

Style: Gangsta

City: Detroit

State: Michigan

Area Code: 313


1Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadIntro
2Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadWho Am I?
3Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadWestside
4Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadStuck N Da Game
5Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadD*#k In The Dirt
6Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadComin' Up
7Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadReal MF's Don't Die
8Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadOn The Otherside
9Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadMove Yo Body
10Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadGive It Up
11Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadEverywhere We Go!
12Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadClick Boomin
13Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadIn A Fix
14Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadInterlude
15Trick-Trick & The Goon Sqwad, DeppR.I.P. To My G'z (Remix)
16Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadNasty Bi-*#!
17Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadBaby's Moma
18Trick-Trick & The Goon Sqwad, 7 Mile Dogz, The Detroit All-StarsEverywhere We Go! (Remix)
19Trick-Trick & The Goon SqwadDues & Don'ts
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