The Ghetto Dynasty - What's The Name Of Yo Hood?

The Ghetto Dynasty - What's The Name Of Yo Hood

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The Ghetto Dynasty was a hip-hop/rap group, made up of rappers K-Flex (South Central, LA), K.I.D. (Brooklyn, NY), Mega Box (Birmingham, AL), Pimp Tight (Atlanta, GA), Project and Gipp (Long Beach, CA). Their compilation album, "What's The Name Of Yo Hood?" was released on May 20, 1997 by Ruff Neck Records. All songs produced by K-Flex.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Ruff Neck Records

Executive Producer: Tariq

Produced By: K-Flex

Style: Gangsta

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


1The Ghetto DynastyGhetto Intro
2The Ghetto DynastyAnti-Pimp
3The Ghetto DynastyAre you Down
4The Ghetto DynastyRun Nigga Run
5The Ghetto DynastyYou're Busted
6The Ghetto DynastyStop Frontin
7The Ghetto DynastyThe Welfare Song (Food Stamps, Food Stamps)
8The Ghetto DynastyI'm Not A Trick
9The Ghetto DynastyThe V.D. Hotline
10The Ghetto DynastyWhat's The Name Of Yo Hood?
11The Ghetto DynastyThe Phone Call
12The Ghetto DynastyGet Ya Swerve On
13The Ghetto DynastyKflx Radio With Chris Talley
14The Ghetto DynastyFat Nasty Hoochie
15The Ghetto Dynasty, L.A. SnoBob Yo Head Like A Chicken
16The Ghetto DynastyFor The Player In You
17The Ghetto Dynasty, Players Inc.Put One Leg In The Air

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