Poison Clan - Strait Zooism

Poison Clan - Strait Zooism

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Poison Clan was a hip-hop/rap group from Miami, Florida. Their fourth studio album, "Strait Zooism" was released in 1995 by Warlock Records / Represent Entertainment.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Warlock Records, Represent Entertainment

Style: Gangsta

City: Miami

State: Florida

Area Code: 305


1Poison ClanIntro
2Poison ClanFire Up This Funk (B-izer Version)
3Poison ClanZooism
4Poison ClanPaper Chase
5Poison ClanPeep Da Flava
6Poison ClanBlow Da Spot
7Poison ClanAhead Of My Time
8Poison ClanRainbow Annihilators (Flava)
9Poison ClanStrictly For Da Hardcore
10Poison ClanRather Deal With A Ho Than A Bitch
11Poison ClanGanja Fiend
12Poison ClanSomething Abouth Them Bithces
13Poison ClanShine Me Up
14Poison ClanBuckle Up
15Poison ClanFire Up This Funk (Listen Mix)
16Poison ClanBusts A Pipe (Bonus Track)
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