Poetry 'N' Motion - Staying Down In South Central

Poetry 'N' Motion - Staying Down In South Central

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Poetry 'N' Motion was a hip-hop/rap group from Los Angeles, California. Their debut studio album, "Staying Down In South Central" was released on 19 October 1993 by Menes Records. All songs produced by Arabian Prince for Underworld Productions.

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Released: 1993

Record Label: Menes Records

Executive Producer: William H. Wright Jr.

Produced By: Arabian Prince

Co-Produced By: P.N.M. & Side Show

Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


1Poetry 'N' MotionLet's Get High (Intro) / The Potent
2Poetry 'N' MotionStaying Down In South Central
3Poetry 'N' MotionKilla D's
4Poetry 'N' MotionWelcome To The Limit
5Poetry 'N' MotionBad Muthafucka
6Poetry 'N' MotionWrong Nigga 2 Fuck Wit
7Poetry 'N' MotionGun Checka / 187 Mode
8Poetry 'N' MotionThe End Of The White World Supermacy
9Poetry 'N' MotionUntouchable Poet
10Poetry 'N' MotionUnseen
11Poetry 'N' MotionDon't Rhyme Drunk
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