One Gud Cide - Look What The Streets Made

One Gud Cide | Look What The Streets Made | 1996 | Oakland | CD Album

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One Gud Cide was a gangsta rap group from Fort Worth, Texas, made up of rappers Twisted Black and Evil Seed. Their debut album, "Look What The Streets Made" was originally released in 1996 but re-released a year later by Scarred For Life Records. The re-released version features the bonus track "Terror In The Gulf Coast". The cover shows a photo of Twisted Black after he was shot in the face.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Scarred 4 Life Records

Produced By: Black and Ernie G.

Style: Gangsta

City: Fort Worth

State: Texas

Area Code: 817


1One Gud CideIntro
2One Gud CideTime To Be A Man
3One Gud CideConvictin It
4One Gud CideMakin It Right
5One Gud CideGame Of Life
6One Gud CideMama Told Me
7One Gud Cide, Evil SeedRemember Me
8Оne Gud CidеSkitt
9Оne Gud Cidе, Evil Seed, JeromeYears Ago
10Оne Gud Cidе, JeromeLoco Vs State
11Оne Gud CidеLet Them Colors Go
12Оne Gud CidеBrothers
13Оne Gud CidеGoing Crazy
14Оne Gud CidеWhere Do I Go
15Оne Gud Cidе, El Dog, PigTerror In The Gulf Coast (Bonus Track)
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