The Oak Cliff Assassin - A Hit On Da' Hitman?

The Oak Cliff Assassin - A Hit On Da' Hitman

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The Oak Cliff Assassin (real name K. Paul) is a hip-hop/rap artist and record producer from Dallas, Texas, and former member of rap group Lock Down Inmates. His debut studio album, "A Hit On Da' Hitman?" was released in 1995 by Lock Down Records / VIP Records. All songs produced by L-Double-E and The Oak Cliff Assassin.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Lock Down Records, VIP Records

Produced By: L-Double-E, The Oak Cliff Assassin

Style: Gangsta

City: Dallas

State: Texas

Area Code: 214


1The Oak Cliff AssassinTha Bomb Delivery
2The Oak Cliff AssassinComin' Soon
3The Oak Cliff AssassinHooride
4The Oak Cliff AssassinLet It Marinate
5The Oak Cliff Assassin, Chain Gang, Ganksta NIPDallas To Houston
6The Oak Cliff AssassinLivin' Dead
7The Oak Cliff Assassin, Grim Reeper, L-Double-ECreepin' In Da' Motherload
8The Oak Cliff AssassinEn Luv With A Killa
9The Oak Cliff AssassinDa' Funky Hitman
10The Oak Cliff AssassinDa' Weekend
11The Oak Cliff AssassinO.C.A.'s Groove
12The Oak Cliff Assassin, L-Double-EDat Ol' Gangsta Shit
13The Oak Cliff Assassin, The Godfather, Strict-9Can't See Nothin Wrong
14The Oak Cliff Assassin, DJ Dark FaderPop Goes Da' Fiend
15The Oak Cliff AssassinA Hit On Da' Hitman
16The Oak Cliff Assassin, Criminal Justice, D-Divine, The Godfather, Mr. Clay, Strict-9, VendettaBullet Proof
17The Oak Cliff AssassinDa' Weekend (Radio Remix) (Bonus Track)
18The Oak Cliff AssassinMC-10 Checka (Remix) (Bonus Track)
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