Murder Inc. - Let's Die 2-Gether

Murder Inc. | Let's Die 2-Gether | 1997 | New Orleans | CD Album

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Murder Inc. was a gangsta rap group from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their second album, "Let's Die 2-Gether" was released in 1997 by Hard Head Records. The album artwork was designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Hard Head Records

Executive Producer: Roderick C. Smith and Mandalyn J. Smith

Produced By: Big Lou - Jackson, MS., White Boy Greg, Lil Mickey, Big Ro

Style: Gangsta

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1Murder Inc.Classroom Skit (Uh Breathers Pledge)
2Murder Inc.Barrel Of Uh Hard Head (Remix)
3Murder Inc.Rules Of Da Game
4Murder Inc.Slugfest
5Murder Inc.Scandal-Lies
6Murder Inc.Graveyard Skit (The Resurrection)
7Murder Inc.Bury Me
8Murder Inc.Revengeful Ass Ni**a
9Murder Inc.Coming 2 Uh End
10Murder Inc.Born Uh Sinner
11Murder Inc.Finally Freed Me
12Murder Inc.Thangs Neva Change
13Murder Inc.Murderous Illusions
14Murder Inc.Tears Of Sorrow
15Murder Inc.Car Seen (Uh Pull Over)
16Murder Inc.F**k Friends
17Murder Inc.Ni**as-X-Spired
18Murder Inc.Silence Me (Remix)
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