L The Black Robin Hood - True 2 Life

L The Black Robin Hood | True 2 Life | 1996 | New Orleans | CD Album

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L The Black Robin Hood (aka MC L) is a gangsta rap artist from the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, and member of Murder Inc. His debut solo album, "True 2 Life" was released in 1996 by Hard Head Records in association with SMG Solar Music Group.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Hard Head Records

Distributed By: SMG Solar Music Group

Executive Producer: Roderick Smith

Produced By: Boosey, Carlos, Louis (Matrix), Louis Mikey, MC L, Roland & Goldfingers, Vernon (Kazell), Wydell

Style: Gangsta

Hood: 7th Ward

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1MC LTrue 2 Life
Produced By: Louis (Matrix)
2MC L, AaronWelcome To My Mail Race
Produced By: Wydell
3MC L, Crazy Dahmer, Legend ManSurvivin The Game
Produced By: Louis Mikey
4MC L, GhinnKeep It Real
Produced By: Vernon (Kazell)
5MC L, Crazy Dahmer187th Ward
Produced By: Vernon (Kazell)
6MC L, Midnight Mike, Shob TGone Left
Produced By: Boosey, MC L
7MC LMurder Capital
Produced By: Louis (Matrix)
8MC LMake The Phone Call
Produced By: Louis (Matrix)
9MC L, Rooster RedLife As A Hustla
Produced By: Roland & Goldfingers
10MC L, Edward J. WestDead End Street
Produced By: Wydell
11MC LTo Be A Hard Head
Produced By: Carlos
12MC L, Midnight Mike, Rooster Red, Shob TShark Attack
Produced By: Carlos
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