Kollision - High Performance

Kollision - High Performance

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Kollision was a hip-hop/rap group from Oakland, California, made up of rappers Insane Dame, Brotha Broski and Tyme Brown. Their debut studio album, "High Performance" was released in 1996 by Bomb Shelter Music. All songs produced by DJ Daryl. The artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Bomb Shelter Music

Executive Producer: Reginald Harper

Produced By: DJ Daryl

City: Oakland

State: California

Area Code: 510


2Insane Dame, Brother Broski, Tyme BrownHigh Performance
3Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Life, T. LooneyCatchin Wreck
4Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Danesha"Players Play"
5Life, Insane Dame, Crooked Eye, Brother BroskiMob Life
6Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, DJ DarylAnybody Killa
7Tyme, C, Brother Broski, Insane DameMarinate
8Tyme, Killa K, Insane DameYoung Riders
9Tyme Brown, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Life, DaneshaIncarcerated
10Insane, Broski, C, Tyme, Killa KWhat U Need
11Tyme, Brother Broski, Insane Dame, Stacey HoggEscape
12Tyme, C-Bo, Insane Dame, DJ Daryl, Marvin ClarckWell Known Muderers
13KollisionPrayer Skit
14Insane Dame, Life, CedricPrayer
15Tyme, Insane Dame, Killa KBytaz
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