Klondike Kat - Mobbin' Muzik Melodies

Klondike Kat | Mobbin' Muzik Melodies | 1997 | Houston | CD Album

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Klondike Kat is a hip hop producer and rap artist from Houston, Texas, and member of Killa Klan and South Park Coalition. His second album, "Mobbin' Muzik Melodies" was released in 1997 by Beatbox Records. All songs were produced by Klondike Kat and Icy Hott (of Street Military).

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Beatbox Records

Executive Producer: Richard Johnson

Produced By: Klondike Kat, Icy Hott

Style: Gangsta

Hood: South Park

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1Klondike KatIntro
2Klondike KatSouth Coast Funk
3Klondike KatClassical Hip Hop
4Klondike Kat, Big 20, Icy HottRat Head (Snitches)
5Klondike KatPlayin' Wit Yo Life
6Klondike KatFiends Come Out
7Klondike KatGhetto Baby
8Klondike Kat, JAMStay With Me
9Klondike KatSleepwalker
10Klondike Kat, Burton Boyz, Icy HottLoc'ed Out Drop Top
11Klondike Kat, 2-Def, Fakkulty, Ice Lord, Icy Hott, PSK-13Material Life
12Klondike KatGas Chamber
13Klondike Kat, A.C. Chill, Blunt, Dope E, Ice Lord, K-Rino, Flea, Lil' V, Point Blank, Felony, Ski Bo, Tech-9Murder Script II: Murder For Money
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