Killafornia - Organization

Killafornia | Organization | 1996 | Compton | CD Album

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Killafornia was a gangsta rap collective from Compton, California, made up of rappers Tha Chill and Boom Bam (from Comptons Most Wanted, MC Eiht, South Central Cartel, Wize Guyz, Hard Times, Bonaphyde, Tray Dee (from the LBC Crew), Killa and Dazzy D. Their debut album, "Organization" was released in 1996 by Killa Cali Records / Thug Records and produced by 3 Strikes Prod.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Killa Cali Records, Thug Records

Produced By: 3 Strikes Prod.

Style: Gangsta

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


1Tha ChillIntro
2Tha Chill, Boodro, Uni, Boogieman, Shagman, Boom BamKillafornia
3Boodro, Bonaphyde, Boom Bam, Tha Chill, MC EihtFunkfest
4Tray Dee, Tha Chill, Boom BamThrow It Up
5Tha Chill, Raw, Crazy Face3 Strikes
6Wise Guyz, Uni, BoodroWho You Gonna Run 2
7Big Time, Sly Fi, Killa, Dazzy D, Tha ChillMash Down
8Tha Chill, Boogieman, Uni, BoodroKilla Cali Invasion
9Prodigy, Havoc, Young Prodigy, Tha Chill, BoogiemanSix Million Ways
10Hard Times, Shagman, Boogieman, D.J. Raw187 Degrees
11Wize Guyz, Crazy Face, Uni, BoodroNo Luv In This Game
12SkitSleepy Balls
13Tha Chill, Boodro, Boom Bam, MC Eiht, Crazy Face, Raw, UniHood Ratz
14Boodro, Shagman, Boogieman, UniEvil That G's Do
15Hard Times, Shagman, Boogieman, RawNo Way Out
16Boogieman, Shagman, Raw, Bonaphyde, Killa, Uni, BoodroJust Ridin'
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