K-Rino - Stories From The Black Book

K-Rino - Stories From The Black Book

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K-Rino (real name Eric Kaiser) is a hip-hop/rap artist from Houston, Texas, and founder of South Park Coalition (S.P.C.). His debut studio album, "Stories From The Black Book" was released in 1993 by Electric City Records. The album artwork was designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics, Inc.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1993

Record Label: Electric City Records

Executive Producer: Larry Vaughn

Produced By: K-Rino

Co-Produced By: Dope-E

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


2K-RinoStep Into The Mind
3K-RinoTied In
4K-RinoFour Dimensions Of A Universe
5K-RinoNever Give A Freak (Agg. Version)
6K-RinoChildren Of The Concrete
7K-RinoCreator Of Life
8K-RinoThe Basketball Song
9K-RinoGoin' To Da Clinic
10K-RinoStories From The Black Book
11K-RinoDeath Of A Politician
12K-RinoYou Created A Monsta
13K-RinoCartoon Orgie
15K-RinoUltimate Flow
16K-RinoChoose Ya Weapon
17K-RinoWar In South Park
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