K-Rino - Danger Zone

K-Rino | Danger Zone | 1995 | Houston | CD Album

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K-Rino (real name Eric Kaiser) is a hip-hop/rap artist from the infamous South Park area of Houston, Texas, and founder of S.P.C. (South Park Coalition). His second solo album, "Danger Zone" was released in 1995 by Electric City Records and was produced by Dope "E" (of The Terrorists) and K-Rino. The album art was done by Pen & Pixel Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Electric City Records

Distributed By: Southwest Wholesale

Executive Producer: Larry C. Vaughn

Produced By: Dope "E", K-Rino

Style: Gangsta, Conscious

Hood: South Park

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1K-Rino, A.C. Chill, Mafia Genie, Rhyme Felony, Wicked CrickettOverdose04:18
3K-Rino, K.O.Two Roads04:28
4K-RinoMake A Move04:12
5K-Rino,  J-Flex, Mad Bomber, Money-Mon, PSK-13, Q-Boy, Rapper K, Weester-WeeI Got Pimped05:53
6K-Rino, Black CaponeDanger Zone04:27
7K-Rino, Delema, Ganksta NIP, Point BlankDo Or Die04:25
9K-Rinо, Big ZCar Jackin'03:56
10K-RinоWho's The Man03:45
11K-RinоWreckin' Um05:15
12K-RinоVerbal Execution04:37
13K-RinоRaise Up04:15
14K-Rinо, A.C. Chill, Aftamath, Aggravated Phat Kat, Black, Brain Dead, C-Rock, DBX, Dope E, Grimm, K-Lee Supreme, Klondike Kat, Murder One,Pop, Ruff Eyque, Suspect, Tech-9, X-Man-EGotcha Name On A Bullet10:06
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