Junebug Slim - Boulevard Knights

Junebug Slim - Boulevard Knights

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Junebug Slim is a Chicano rap artist from Sacramento, California. His second album, "Boulevard Knights" was released in 1998 by Greenside Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1998

Record Label: Greenside Records

Style: Gangsta

City: Sacramento

State: California

Area Code: 916


1Junebug SlimGreenside Familia
2Junebug SlimMidnight
3Junebug SlimIn The Trunk (Skit)
4Junebug SlimKillafornia
5Junebug Slim, Slow PainLockdown
6Junebug SlimBoulevard Knights
7Junebug SlimSummer Time Groove
8Junebug SlimSlippin In The Rain
9Junebug SlimRespect (Skit)
10Junebug SlimLifestyles Of The Skanless
11Junebug SlimMuch Luv
12Junebug SlimOnce Upon A Time
13Junebug SlimFifty Dollar Gat (Skit)
14Junebug SlimDosia
15Junebug SlimIt Don't Stop
16Junebug SlimKnight Of A Da Funkin Dead
17Junebug SlimSly Slim & Wicked
18Junebug SlimGhetto Cry
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