Jayo Felony - Take A Ride

Jayo Felony | Take A Ride | San Diego | 1995 | CD Album

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James Savage, better known by his stage name, Jayo Felony is a rapper from southeast San Diego, California. He is known for being the first San Diego rapper to be signed to a major label. In 1994, Jayo Felony was signed to the label owned by Jam Master Jay called Jam Master Jay Records. That year Jayo released his debut album, Take a Ride.

Jayo Felony was a member of the Neighborhood Rollin 40's, a Crip gang stretching from the Chollas View to the Mount Hope neighborhoods of Southeast San Diego.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: JMJ, Rush Associated Labels

Executive Producers: Jason Mizell, Randy Allen

Style: Gangsta, Funk

City: San Diego

State: California

Area Code: 619


1Jayo FelonyLock Down
Produced By: Randy Allen
2Jayo FelonyThe Loc Is On His Own
Produced By: Prodagee Productions
3Jayo FelonyI'ma Keep Bangin'
Produced By: Jam Master Jay, Marlin Wiggins
4Jayo FelonyHomicide
Produced By: Marlin Wiggins, Nate Motlety
5Jayo FelonyLove Boat
Produced By: Randy Allen
6Jayo FelonySherm Stick
Produced By: Jam Master Jay
7Jayo FelonyNi**as And Bi***es
Produced By: Jam Master Jay
8Jayo FelonyDay 1
Produced By: Anthony Pearyer, Randy Allen
9Jаyo FеlonyCan't Keep A Gee Down
Produced By: Nate Motlety, Marlin Wiggins
10Jаyo FеlonyBi*** I'm Through
Produced By: Anthony Pearyer, Jam Master Jay, Marlin Wiggins
11Jаyo FеlonyPenitentiary Bound
Produced By: Jam Master Jay
12Jаyo FеlonyDon't Call Me Ni**a
Produced By: Randy Allen
13Jаyo FеlonyThey Got Me On Medication
Produced By: Prodagee Productions
14Jаyo FеlonyFunk 2 Da Head
Produced By: Jam Master Jay
15Jаyo FеlonySkit
Produced By: Randy Allen
16Jаyo FеlonyTake A Ride
Produced By: Jam Master Jay
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