I.M.P. - Back In The Days

I.M.P. - Back In The Days

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I.M.P. (Ill Mannered Playas) was a hip-hop/rap group from San Francisco, California, originally consisting of Cougnut, C. Fresh, D.J. Ill Chill, Hitman Stinge and M.C. Louie Lou. Their debut studio album, "Back In The Days" was released in 1993 by In-A-Minute Records.

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Released: 1993

Record Label: In-A-Minute Records

Executive Producer: Tony Jackson

Style: Gangsta

City: San Francisco

State: California

Area Code: 415


Produced By: T.C.
2I.M.P.Back In The Days
Produced By: T.C.
Produced By: Cougnut
4I.M.P.Breakem' Off Something
Produced By: Stingy / Co-Produced By: Mike Pruitt
5I.M.P.Domestic Violence
Produced By: Stingy
6I.M.P.Let Your Hoe Go
Produced By: Lou-E-Lou, Tony Jackson
7I.M.P.IMP Dogs (Kickin It)
Produced By: T.C.
8I.M.P., Cellski, Chewy-C, Dre DogFrisco
Produced By: Stingy
Produced By: T.C.
10I.M.P.Livin Reckless
Produced By: Cougnut
11I.M.P.Goin Out Like A Gangsta
Produced By: Cougnut / Co-Produced By: C-Fresh
12I.M.P.Bang Bang
Produced By: T.C.
13I.M.P.Don't Try To Play Me
Produced By: Rob V. / Co-Produced By: Stingy
14I.M.P.Bitch Made
Produced By: Rob V.
15I.M.P.Dank Right
Produced By: Stingy
16I.M.P.Nigga Rays
Produced By: Stingy
17I.M.P., 2.2, RBL Posse, Totally InsaneGangsta Shit
Produced By: Stingy
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