Hi-C - Skanless

Hi-C | Skanless | 1991 | Compton | CD Album

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Skanless is the debut album by the rapper Hi-C from Compton, California. The album was released on December 10, 1991 by Hollywood Records and produced by DJ Quik, Steve Yano, and Tony-A. Three singles were released to promote the album - "I'm Not Your Puppet" in 1991, "Leave My Curl Alone" and "Sittin' In The Park" in 1992.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1991

Record Label: Skanless Records

Distributed By: Tommy Boy Music

Produced By: DJ Quik, Steve Yano, Tony-A.

Style: Gangsta, Funk

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


2Hi-CToo Greasy00:19
3Hi-CLeave My Curl Alone03:15
Produced By: Tony-A
4Нi-СPunk Sh**02:42
Produced By: Hi-C, Tony-A
5Нi-СFunky Rap Sanga04:10
Produced By: DJ Quik, Hi-C
6Нi-СRequest Line00:49
7Нi-СSitting In The Park03:28
Produced By: Steve Yano, Tony-A
8Нi-СCompton Hoochies03:44
Produced By: DJ Quik, Hi-C
9Нi-СJack Move05:30
Produced By: Tony-A
Produced By: DJ Quik, Hi-C
11Нi-С, K.K.2 Ada Time02:11
Produced By: Hi-C, Tony-A
12Нi-СYo D***00:44
13Нi-СFroggy Style03:08
Produced By: Tony-A
14Нi-С2 Drunk Ta F***04:43
Produced By: Tony-A
16Нi-СI'm Not Your Puppet06:00
Produced By: Steve Yano, Tony-A
17Нi-С, AMG, DJ Quik, K.K.2 Skanless01:05
Produced By: Tony-A
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