Ganksta NIP - Psychotic Genius

Ganksta NIP | Psychotic Genius | 1996 | Houston | CD Album

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Ganksta NIP (real name Rowdy Williams) is a horrorcore rap artist from the South Park area of Houston, Texas. His third album, "Psychotic Genius" was released in 1996 by Rap-A-Lot Records in association with Noo Trybe Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records

Distributed By: Noo Trybe Records

Produced By: Gregory Jackson, Mezeio Jackson, Mike B., N.O. Joe, Swift

Style: Gangsta, Horrorcore

Hood: South Park

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1Ganksta NIPUncle Sam
Produced By: Swift
2Ganksta NIPPsychotic Genius
Produced By: Mike B.
3Ganksta NIP, Point BlankSmall Town Killas
Produced By: Gregory Jackson
4Ganksta NIPPeep Da Game
Produced By: Mike B.
5Ganksta NIPSlaughterhouse
Produced By: Swift
6Ganksta NIPGoin To Da Death
Produced By: Mezeio Jackson
7Gаnksta NIРPsychflow
Produced By: Swift
8Gаnksta NIРHood Talez
Produced By: Mike B.
9Gаnksta NIРPeace To Da Young G's
Produced By: Swift
10Gаnksta NIРCrimewave
Produced By: Gregory Jackson
11Gаnksta NIРHollograms
Produced By: N.O. Joe
12Gаnksta NIРMurder After Midnite
Produced By: Gregory Jackson
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