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G-Macc | Underground Hit List | 1995 | Sacramento | CD Album

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"Underground Hit List" is the debut album by the gangsta rapper G-Macc from Sacramento, California. The album was released in 1995 by 2 Dope Records and was distributed by Black Market Records. It features appearances by Organized Crime Klic, P-Chill, Double Ace, Tre-Bone, Jotham and others.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: 2 Dope Records

Distributed By: Black Market Records

Executive Producer: Bill Rhoten, Michael Lorda

Produced By: 2 Dope, G-Macc

Style: Gangsta

City: Sacramento

State: California

Area Code: 916


2G-MaccTwo To Da' Chest
3G-Macc, Tre-8On The Down Low
5G-Macc, Tre-8Sick Wit The Game
6G-Macc, Tre-8It's All Legit
7G-Масс, Double Ace, D.V.SLayed Back
8Quantum BombQuantumlude
9G-Масс, K-DogRundat Game
10G-Масс, Tre-8, D.V.SBackstreet Hustlas
11G-Масс, Lady M. PeachesBring It On
12G-Масс, P-Chill, Double Ace, D.V.S, Tre Bone, JothamThe Product
13G-Масс, P-Chill, Tre-8Check Da Lyrics
14G-Масс, P-ChillRundat Game (Remix)
15G-Масс, D.V.S, Double AceShotz Out
16G-Масс, Tre-8Bonus Track: On The Down Low (Radio Mix)
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