Funkdoobiest - Brothas Doobie

Funkdoobiest | Brothas Doobie | 1995 | Los Angeles | CD Album

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Brothas Doobie is the second album from Los Angeles-based Latino rap group Funkdoobiest. It was released by Epic Records in May 1995 and was produced by DJ Muggs. This was the final album for back-up MC and hypeman, Tomahawk Funk because he left group after this release. The album contains the famous and controversial track "Superh**s," which also appeared the soundtrack to the blockbuster hit film Friday, starring NWA's Ice Cube. The album has been falsely shown with a blue cover, several times. It merits a green color instead.

An edited version of the album, which removed most of its explicit language and sexual content, was also released. Additionally, it completely censored the track "Superh**s" - due to references to masturbation and rape - and the track "P**** Ain't Sh**," due to its main graphic theme: the female reproductive organs.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Epic Street, Immortal Records

Distributed By: Sony Music Entertainment

Produced By: DJ Muggs, DJ Lethal, DJ Ralph M, Ray Roll

Style: Gangsta, Funk

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


1InterludeThis Is It01:25
Produced By: DJ Muggs
2Son Doobie, Tomahawk FunkRock On03:54
Produced By: DJ Muggs
3Son DoobieWhat The Deal04:00
Produced By: DJ Muggs
4Son DoobieLost In Thought04:31
Produced By: DJ Muggs, Ray Roll
5Son DoobieDedicated03:34
Produced By: DJ Muggs
6Son Doobie, Tomahawk FunkKa Sera Sera02:58
Produced By: DJ Ralph M
7Son Doobie, Tomahawk FunkP**** Ain't Sh**04:25
Produced By: DJ Muggs
8Son DoobieXXX Funk03:55
Produced By: DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M
9Son DoobieIt Ain't Going Down03:15
Produced By: DJ Lethal
10Son DoobieYou're Dummin04:23
Produced By: DJ Ralph M
11Tomahawk Funk, Sebastain RousettTomahawk Bang03:57
Produced By: DJ Ralph M
12Son DoobieSuperh**s03:51
Produced By: DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M
13Brett Bouldin, Son DoobieWho Ra Ra02:56
Produced By: DJ Muggs, DJ Ralph M
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