Face Forever - World Of Crime

Face Forever | World Of Crime | 1996 | New Orleans | CD Album

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Face Forever was a hardcore gangsta rap group from the 3rd Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, made up of rappers J.S. and Red Money. Their second album, "World Of Crime" was released in 1996 by Ruff Era Records in association with SMG Solar Music Group.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Ruff Era Records

Distributed By: SMG Solar Music Group

Executive Producer: Henry E. Glover

Produced By: Coke, Ezell Swang, Louis (Matrix), Mike Dogg, Mikey, Roland, Wydell

Style: Gangsta

Hood: 3rd Ward

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1Face ForeverAll For The Money
Produced By: Wydell
2Face Forever, CrazySurvival
Produced By: Coke
3Face ForeverFace Forever
Produced By: Louis (Matrix)
4Face ForeverRidin' Dirty
Produced By: Wydell
5Face Forever, Legend ManRollin' In My Ride
Produced By: Ezell Swang
6Face ForeverProduct & Revenue
Produced By: Mike Dogg
7Facе ForеvеrWorld Of Crime
Produced By: Wydell
8Facе ForеvеrFace II Face
Produced By: Roland
9Facе Forеvеr, Crazy, Legend Man, Stress(Skit) Shed No Tears
Produced By: Mikey
10Facе ForеvеrTime
Produced By: Coke
11Facе ForеvеrWicked Eyes
Produced By: Louis (Matrix)
12Facе ForеvеrNever Say Die
Produced By: Wydell
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