Bloods - Damu Ridas

Damu Ridas | Los Angeles | 1995 | CD Album

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Damu Ridas was a gangsta rap group from Los Angeles, California, made up of B-Brazy, Peanut 2, Lil' Laniak 2, Tip Toe, Pimp D, Spyder, O.G Mad Eye and Lil' Hawk. In 1995, they released their debut album Damu Ridas for Dangerous Records and Pump Records. The album was produced by D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Ronnie M. Phillips and Tweedy Bird Loc.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Dangerous Records, Pump Records

Produced By: D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc

Style: Gangsta, Hardcore

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


1B-Brazy, Pimp D, Peanut 2, Lil' HawkDamu Ride04:47
2Lil' HawkWhy Must I Be Like That04:01
3B-Brazy, Lil' HawkComin' Straight From The Brain04:06
4B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk, SpyderYGB's Are The Braziest03:40
5B-BrazyB****es Can't Ride For Free03:31
6B-BrazyKill Crabz00:29
7B-Brazy, Y.G Pimp DGive A Mad A** F***02:48
8Lil' Hawk, SpyderWut Dat Mafia Like03:16
9B-Brazy, Peanut 2Do You Wanna Roll To Figueroa03:32
11Lil' HawkN**** Can't F*** With This03:11
12B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk, O.G. Mad Eye, Peanut 2, Pimp D, SpyderWe Don't Give A F***04:19
13B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk, Peanut 2, Pimp D, SpyderTrue Flue Killer04:29
14B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk, Peanut 2, Pimp D, Spyder, O.G. Mad EyeCK Free Style05:26
15B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk, O.G. Mad Eye, Peanut 2, Pimp D, SpyderF*** Crabz04:24
16OutroBullets Don't Have No Names05:08
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