Crips - Bang'n On Wax: The Best Of The Crips


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"Bang'n On Wax: The Best Of The Crips" is a compilation album by gang affiliated rap group Crips from Los Angeles, California. The compilation was released in 1997 by Dangerous Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Dangerous Records

Style: Gangsta

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


Disc 1:
1CripsRonnie (Wake-Up Call)
2CripsLoad'N The Clip (Set Trip)
3CripsBetter Watch Your Back (Fuck Slob)
4CripsSmok'N H2O
5CripsNot The Nigga You Thought I Was
6CripsHood Ratz
7CripsSlob B.K.O.
8CripsGoing To Crip Nick
10CripsThrow The C's In The Air
11CripsNationwide Rip Ridaz
12CripsSwervin Thru The East Side
13CripsWhat We Celieve In
14CripsCrip Keeper
15CripsEverything Gonna C Alright
16CripsBreak A Slob Down
17CripsAtlantic Dr Hoo Ride
Disc 2:
1CripsCrip'N Ain't Easy
2CripsCrip Crip Crip
3CripsPuttin In Work
4CripsSteady Dippin'
5CripsMackin' To Slob Bitches
6CripsEast Side Rip Ridaz
7CripsSlob 187
8CripsEvery Dog Has His Day
9CripsNiggaz Don't Want No Problem
10CripsCompton Nut
11CripsAnother Slob Bites The Dust
12CripsK's Up
13CripsBlue Devil
14CripsCrip 4 Life
15CripsSess In The Day (Cronic At Night)
16CripsBang'N Outtro
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