Comptons Most Wanted - Music To Driveby

Comptons Most Wanted | Music To Driveby | 1992 | Compton | CD Album

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Music To Driveby is the third studio album by the rap group Comptons Most Wanted. It was released September 29, 1992 on Orpheus Records. The album was produced by DJ Mike T, Master Ric Roc, The Unknown DJ, MC Eiht and DJ Slip. Along with a single, a music video was produced for the songs, "Hood Took Me Under" and "Def Wish II".

Music To Driveby is seen as one of the great gangsta rap albums from the golden age of hip hop. Similar to N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton, Comptons Most Wanted's Music To Driveby includes similar themes centered around nihilism, hood life and participation in gangs. It is notable for the single "Hood Took Me Under", which was later included in videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' radio station "Radio Los Santos", and has been considered a classic example of gangsta rap by reviewers. The album by Comptons Most Wanted contains the diss song to rapper Tim Dog, "Who's F***ing Who?" as well as numerous shots thrown at DJ Quik throughout the album.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1992

Record Label: Orpheus Records, Epic Records

Distributed By: Sony Music Entertainment

Produced By: The Unknown DJ, MC Eiht, DJ Slip, DJ Mike T, Master Ric Roc

Style: Gangsta, Funk, Hardcore

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


1MC EihtIntro00:20
Produced By: MC Eiht
2MC EihtHit The Floor01:49
Produced By: DJ Slip
3MC EihtHood Took Me Under03:39
Produced By: DJ Mike T
4MC EihtJack Mode03:18
Produced By: DJ Slip
5MC EihtCompton 4 Life03:18
Produced By: Master Ric Roc
6MC Eiht8 Iz Enough02:48
Produced By: DJ Slip
7MC EihtDuck Sick II03:43
Produced By: DJ Slip
8MC EihtDead Men Tell No Lies03:41
Produced By: MC Eiht
9MC Eiht, Mr. ScarfaceN 2 Deep03:51
Produced By: DJ Slip
10MC EihtWho's Xxxxing Who?01:47
Produced By: DJ Mike T
11MC EihtThis Is A Gang03:37
Produced By: DJ Slip
12MC EihtHoodrat03:56
Produced By: The Unknown DJ
13MC EihtN***az Strugglin03:31
Produced By: MC Eiht
14MC EihtI Gots To Get Over03:36
Produced By: Master Ric Roc, MC Eiht
15MC EihtU's A B****03:43
Produced By: The Unknown DJ
16MC EihtAnother Victim03:51
Produced By: DJ Slip
17MC EihtDef Wish II03:32
Produced By: DJ Slip
18MC EihtMusic To Driveby03:31
Produced By: The Unknown DJ
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