Cold World Hustlers - Iceland

Cold World Hustlers | Iceland | 1995 | San Francisco | CD Album

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Cold World Hustlers was a gangsta rap duo from the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, California, made up of Big Vic and E-Sic. They released their debut album titled, "Cold Streets" in 1993 on 21 Jump Street Productions. A couple of years later, they followed up with "Iceland", released on the Sacramento record label Black Market Records. The album was executive produced by Cedrig Singleton, J.B. and Jimmy Tiger.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Black Market Records

Distributed By: Priority Records

Produced By: Cold World Hustlers, Reggie Smith, T.C., The Enhancer

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

Hood: Hunters Point

City: San Francisco

State: California

Area Code: 415


1C.W.H.Cold War02:46
Produced By: Reggie, T.C.
2C.W.H.Cold Day In Hell05:43
Produced By: T.C., The Enhancer
3C.W.H.Everyday Thang04:27
Produced By: Reggie, T.C.
4C.W.H.Run So Fast03:58
Produced By: T.C.
5C.W.H.Nasty Lyrics '9501:39
Produced By: Reggie, T.C.
6C.M.W.Straight Doin' It03:48
Produced By: T.C., The Enhancer
7C.W.H.The Zone04:41
Produced By: T.C., The Enhancer
Produced By: Reggie
9C.W.H., 11/5415 Reasons04:55
Produced By: T.C., The Enhancer
10C.W.H.Lil Homie04:07
Produced By: E-Sic, T.C., The Enhancer
11C.W.H., U.D.I.Cold World U.D.I03:58
Produced By: T.C., The Enhancer
Produced By: T.C.
13C.W.H.One Time Too Many01:08
Produced By: Cold World Hustlers
14C.W.H.Dirty Bi***es03:55
Produced By: Cold World Hustlers
15C.W.H., Cougnut, Dre DogTaste Da Hate04:34
Produced By: Reggie, T.C.
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