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Closed Caption | Greens | 1996 | Oakland | CD Album

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Closed Caption was a hip-hop / rap group from the Eastside of Oakland, California, made up of rappers Bad Newz Brown, J. Rich, and Tangaray. Their second album, "Greens" was released in 1996 by Dogday Records. All songs were produced by Stevie K., except "All Niter" produced by Boots Riley of The Coup.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1996

Record Label: Dogday Records

Executive Producer: Jo & Chriss

Produced By: Stevie K.

Style: Gangsta

City: Oakland

State: California

Area Code: 510


1J. RichTown Affiliated
2Bad Newz Brown, J. Rich, Tangaray2-4-15
3Tangaray, Bad Newz BrownHoznDaBack
4J. Rich, Tangaray, Bad Newz BrownMalibu Rum
5J. Rich, Tangaray, Bad Newz BrownFadangle
6Tangaray, J. Rich, Bad Newz Brown, M.L.Hectic Lifestyle
7J. Rich, Bad Newz Brown, TangarayAll Niter
8J. Rich, Bad Newz Brown, TangarayBullet On Da Logo
9Tangaray, J. Rich, Bad Newz BrownKeep Stackin - The ESO Version
10J. Rich, Bad Newz Brown, TangarayStick Up
11J. RichCatch 22
12Bad Newz Brown, J. Rich, TangarayGet These Zips Off
13Bad Newz Brown a.k.a. R.B.Summer/Winter
14Tangaray, J. RichHit The Cock
15J. Rich, Tangaray, Yvette PylantKeep On Stackin
16Tangaray, J. Rich, Bad Newz BrownGreens
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