Brotha Lynch Hung - Season Of Da Siccness

Brotha Lynch Hung | Season Of Da Siccness | 1995 | Sacramento | CD Album

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After the Geto Boys, it seemed that rap couldn't get any more extreme or hardcore. But in 1994, Brotha Lynch Hung proved that in fact it could. On this very twisted CD, the obscure and underground Sacramento rapper calls himself "the Ripgut Cannibal" and portrays a psycho who's part Jeffrey Dahmer, part Hannibal Lecter, and part ghetto gang-banger. Lynch's accounts of cannibalism and dismemberment must be taken for exactly what they are: outrageous entertainment, pure and simple.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Black Market Records

Produced By: Brotha Lynch Hung

Style: Gangsta, Horrorcore

Hood: Garden Block

City: Sacramento

State: California

Area Code: 916


1Brotha Lynch HungCusche Break00:18
2Brotha Lynch HungSicc Made03:46
3SkitDead Man00:53
4Brotha Lynch HungRest In Piss04:42
5SkitGet Da Baby00:36
6Brotha Lynch Hung, SicxReturn Of Da Baby04:13
7Brotha Lynch Hung, Baby Reg, Baby X, Big Dan, Hyst, ZaggLocc 2 Da Brain05:28
9Brotha Lynch HungLiquor Sicc05:22
10Skit40 Break01:14
11Brоtha Lуnch НungDatz Real Gangsta02:34
12Brоtha Lуnch Нung, Mr. DoctorDeep Down06:51
13Brоtha Lуnch НungDead Man Walkin03:34
14Skit781 Redrum00:47
15Brоtha Lуnch НungSeason Of Da Sicc03:54
16Brоtha Lуnch Нung, Baby RegWelcome 2 Your Own Death05:19
17Brоtha Lуnch НungReal Loccs04:15
18Brоtha Lуnch НungInhale With Da Devil02:23
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