Bossman & Bandit - 16 Keys

Bossman & Bandit - 16 Keys

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Bossman & Bandit was a hip-hop/rap duo from Durham, North Carolina. Their debut studio album, "16 Keys" was released in 1994 by Boss Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Boss Records

Distributed By: Solar Records

Co-Produced By: Willie Hill

Style: Gangsta

City: Durham

State: North Carolina

Area Code: 919, 984


1Bossman & BanditIntro
2Bossman & BanditBorn 2 Da Bad
3Bossman & BanditCrazy
4Bossman & BanditIs It Me?
5Bossman & BanditStraight Up Gangsta
6Bossman & BanditHo *ss B*tch
7Bossman & BanditMake A Mother F*cker Pay
8Bossman & BanditC U When I C U
9Bossman & BanditMurder 1
10Bossman & BanditDie Like A Gangsta
11Bossman & Bandit16 Keys
12Bossman & BanditIn The Mind Of A Criminal
13Bossman & BanditBorn 2 Da Bad (Remix)
14Bossman & BanditShout Out
15Bossman & BanditDays Gone By
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