Bloods - Damu Ridas II: How Deep Is Your Hood

Bloods - Damu Ridas II How Deep Is Your Hood

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How Deep Is Your Hood is the second and last album of the American gangsta rap group Damu Ridas. It was released on November 10, 1999. Rappers included Big Wy and Dogg as well as B-Brazy, Lil' Hawk and several other Bloods and Pirus.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1999

Record Label: Dangerous Records, Warlock Records

Executive Producer: Ronnie M. Phillips

Produced By: D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird

Style: Gangsta

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Area Code: 310


1BloodsKickin' Knowledge
2B-BrazyYoung Active Brazy
3B-Brazy, G"LenFeel'n' Ya Man
4B-Brazy, Big Wy, Green Eyes, Lil Leak, Red Rum, DoggYoung Dogs With No Muzzle
5Big Wy, Dock-B, Green Eyes, Red RumDay In A Life
6B-Brazy, Dock-B, G"Len, Lil Leak, Red Rum, Dogg, Ver-C-TileHow Deep Is Your Hood
7B-Brazy, G"Len, Green Eyes, Lil LeakY'all Nigga's Know My Name
8B-Brazy, Green Eyes, Lil LeakIs Ya Bang'n' Or What?
9B-Brazy, Green Eyes, Lil Leak, DoggAll About Money
10Green EyesDarby M-Fuck'n' Park
11Lil' Hawk104% No Kut
12BloodsBlood: Y'all Active
13Lil' HawkI Ain't From Africa
14BloodsBlood: It's On For Life
15B-Brazy, Ver-C-TileGet Yo Money
16B-Brazy, DoggNiggas & Bitches
17B-Brazy, Dock Bastard, G"Len, Lil Leak, DoggGive It Up
18Dock-B, Green EyesRide Again
19Lil Ms. China, Lil' HawkFuck All Y'all
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