B-Lo & Da Ganksta - A Mill & Stackin'

B-Lo & Da Ganksta | A Mill & Stackin' | 1996 | New Orleans | CD Album

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B-Lo & Da Ganksta was a gangsta rap duo from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Their debut album, "A Mill & Stackin'" was released in 1997 by Ballin Entertainment and produced by Ice Gen. The album features appearances by Legend Man (of Murder Inc.), III Deadly Sins and Face Forever. The artwork was designed by Pencil Whipped Graphics.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Ballin Entertainment

Executive Producer: B. Moore, S. Coloman

Produced By: Ice Gen

Style: Gangsta

City: Baton Rouge

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 225


1B-Lo & Da GankstaIntro
2B-Lo & Da GankstaGanksta Sh**
3B-Lo & Da GankstaSh**z Real
4B-Lo & Da GankstaActkin Badd
5B-Lo & Da GankstaNi**az Trippin
6B-Lo & Da GankstaHead Hurtin
7B-Lo & Da GankstaBumble Beez
8B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaI'm A Baller
9B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaYou Gotz It On Yo Mind
10B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaStreched Out
11B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaLet's Get Purved
12B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaMy Mom's My Customer
13B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaCan You Feel Me
14B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaGanksta Comin' Atcha
15B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaF** Him Up
16B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaEye Of A Killa
17B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaTricks Only
18B-Lо & Dа GаnkstaOutro
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