AMG - B**** Betta Have My Money

AMG | Bitch Betta Have My Money | 1991 | Inglewood | CD Album

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AMG is a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio who later moved to Inglewood, California. He is known for his humor, sexually explicit lyrics, unorthodox style and most notably for songs like "B**** Betta Have My Money", "Jiggable Pie", and "Tha Booty Up."

B**** Betta Have My Money is his debut album, released on November 22, 1991 by Select Street Records. The album is produced by AMG and DJ Quik and features guest appearances by fellow rappers 2nd II None and Boss. Four singles were released to promote the album - "B**** Betta Have My Money" and "Jiggable Pie" in 1991, "I Wanna Be Yo H*" and "The Vertical Joyride" in 1992.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1991

Record Label: Select Street Records

Produced By: AMG, DJ Quik

Style: Gangsta, Funk

City: Inglewood

State: California

Area Code: 310


1A.M.G.The Vertical Joyride02:31
2A.M.G., 2nd II NoneWord 2 Tha D03:03
3A.M.G.I Wanna Be Yo H*02:52
4A.M.G.When She Calls00:42
5A.M.G.Once A Dawg (Janine 2)03:17
6A.M.G.Jiggable Pie03:18
8A.M.G., BossMai Sista Izza B****03:00
9A.M.G.La Queeda00:24
10A.M.G.Vertical Interlude02:27
11A.M.G.B**** Betta Have My Money03:18
12A.M.G.Lick 'Em Low Lover02:03
13A.M.G.Sylk's Cellular00:25
14A.M.G.Nu Exasize03:42
15A.M.G.Backseat Queenz03:27
16A.M.G.Givva Dogga Bone02:53
17A.M.G.Yo Momma Told Me...03:12
18A.M.G.Trunk O' Funk03:31
19A.M.G., 2nd II NoneTha Booty Up03:30
20A.M.G.My H*, My Kids00:21
21A.M.G.D. Control02:34
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