Al Katraz The Xile - The Serum

Al Katraz The Xile - The Serum

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Al Katraz (a.k.a. Roq Z) is a hip-hop/rap artist from Detroit, Michigan. His album, "The Serum" was released in 1997 by Eternal Dynasty on cassette tape only. The album was produced by Antlive (real name Anthony Singleton).

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Eternal Dynasty

Produced By: Antlive

City: Detroit

State: Michigan

Area Code: 313


Side X
A1Al Katraz The XileHamburger Hill
A2Al Katraz The XileThe Serum
A3Al Katraz The XileThe Howling
A4Al Katraz The XileSonny Reign (Funk Remix)
A5Al Katraz The XileIntellectual Violence
A6Al Katraz The XileTry 2 Survive
A7Al Katraz The XileFloat On
A8Al Katraz The XileThe Fashion Show
Side XX
B1Al Katraz The XileBent
B2Al Katraz The XileLive Your Lifet
B3Al Katraz The XileThe Battlefield (Glory Pt. II)
B4Al Katraz The XileManifested Lectures
B5Al Katraz The XileAll Nite
B6Al Katraz The XileDetroit City Killa G's
B7Al Katraz The XileRebel
B8Al Katraz The XileAmerikkka

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