2 Of The Crew - Dankaristic Pimpshit

2 Of The Crew | Dankaristic Pimpshit | 1997 | Pittsburg | CD Album

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2 Of The Crew was a gangsta rap group from Pittsburg, California. Their debut album, "Dankaristic Pimpshit" was released in 1997 by Coast II Coast Records.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Coast II Coast Records

Executive Producers: Erik D. Alston, Charles Bell, Clifton Ligons, Ereshelle Moffette

Style: Gangsta

City: Pittsburg

State: California

Area Code: 925


12 Of The CrewHo's & Hater's
22 Of The CrewAll Day Chill
32 Of The CrewHeavy For Your Head
42 Of The CrewAss Home
52 Of The CrewStank Tramps
62 Of The CrewSoak It Up!
72 Of The CrewShootin' Shit
82 Of The CrewDankaristicpimpshit
92 Of The CrewPlayer's Mind
102 Of The CrewFu** On
112 Of The CrewStressin'
122 Of The CrewMy Folks
132 Of The CrewSlidin'
142 Of The CrewAll Day Chill (Radio)
152 Of The CrewBlowin' Dome
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