187 Fac - Fac Not Fiction

187 Fac | Fac Not Fiction | 1997 | Hayward | CD Album

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187 Fac was a gangsta rap duo from Hayward, California, made up of rappers Den Fen and G-Nut. Their debut studio album, "Fac Not Fiction" was released in 1997 by Penalty Recordings and executive produced by Spice 1. The album artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1997

Record Label: Penalty Recordings

Distributed By: Tommy Boy Music

Executive Producer: Spice 1, Neil Levine and Terrance Williams

Produced By: Ant Banks, Clint "Payback" Sands, Ephram Galloway, Ivan Johnson, Mike Mosley, DJ X-Large

Style: Gangsta

City: Hayward

State: California

Area Code: 510


1187 FacTha Frontline
Produced By: Ephram Galloway, Ivan Johnson
2187 FacPeer Pressure
Produced By: Ant Banks
3187 Fac, D Tha PoetFac Not Fiction
Produced By: Ant Banks
4187 FacTool In Tha Kut
Produced By: Ant Banks
5187 Fac, Ant BanksFaulty Characteristics
Produced By: Ant Banks
6187 Fac, B-Legit, Big Lurch, Gangsta P, Spice 1, VidalAll Head No Body
Produced By: Mike Mosley
7187 FacGraphic
Produced By: Ant Banks
8187 Fac, Almon D, Captain Save 'Em, Frank J2 Geez
Produced By: Clint "Payback" Sands
9187 FacMan In The Mirror
Produced By: Mike Mosley
10187 FacRide Wit Us
Produced By: Clint "Payback" Sands
11187 Fac, Frank JParkin' Lot Pimpin'
Produced By: DJ X-Large
12187 Fac, Almon D, Frank JFac Nic
Produced By: Clint "Payback" Sands
13187 Fac, DJ X-LargePaul Masson
Produced By: DJ X-Large
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