11-11 - Creepin' Off To Da Hide-A-Way

11-11 | Creepin Off To Da Hide-A-Way | 1997 | Akron | CD Album

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11-11 was a gangsta rap group from Akron, Ohio, made up by rappers Felony and Cra$h. Their debut album, "Creepin' Off To Da Hide-A-Way" was released in 1998 by Pyya Rhythms Records. The album features appearances by B-Legit and Suga-T (of The Click) and Tela (from Suave House). Album artwork was designed by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1998

Record Label: Pyya Rhythms Records

Executive Producer: Christopher Colwell

Produced By: Rodney Evans, Sam Bostic, Kenya B., T. Mix, Geald Morgan, Elijah Baker, Leon Hill, Jason Wade, Antron Haile, Rafael Saadiq

Style: Gangsta

City: Akron

State: Ohio

Area Code: 330, 234


111-11, Elijah BakerCalifornia Weekend
Produced By: Rodney Evans, Sam Bostic
211-11Bounce And Turn
Produced By: Rodney Evans, Sam Bostic
311-11, Leon HillFreakshow
Produced By: Kenya B., T. Mix
411-11, Dion Bell, Kathy Colwell, Vanessa PoseyFamily Reunion
Produced By: Geald Morgan
511-11End Of The World
Produced By: Elijah Baker
611-11Creepin Off To The Hideaway
Produced By: Leon Hill
Produced By: Kenya B., T. Mix
Produced By: Elijah Baker, Leon Hill
911-11, Suga TIntro - Bammer
Produced By: Jason Wade
Produced By: Jason Wade
Produced By: Elijah Baker
1211-11, Dion BellDo You Got That Love
Produced By: Jerald Morgan
1311-11, B-LegitChapters
Produced By: Jason Wade
Produced By: Jason Wade
1511-11, Monet, Otis CooperSerious
Produced By: Antron Haile, Rafael Saadiq
1611-11Miss You Mama
Produced By: Elijah Baker
1711-11, Tela, Dion Bell, Mike TeeeezyI Need An Angel
Produced By: Elijah Baker
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