• Tweedy Bird Loc | No Holds Barred | 1994 | Compton | CD Album

Tweedy Bird Loc - No Holds Barred

Tweedy Bird Loc | No Holds Barred | 1994 | Compton | CD Album

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No Holds Barred is the second by the gangsta rapper Tweedy Bird Loc from Compton, California. The album was released in 1994 for Dangerous Records and Pump Records and distributed by Warlock Records. The album was produced by Ronnie Phillips and Tweedy Bird Loc himself. The album spawned his new single "Walk That Walk", This album had more commercial success than his previous '187 Ride By' album. Tweedy also had a television interview live from Compton.

Tweedy released another diss targeted at Ruthless Records and Eazy-E from No Holds Barred entitled "Y'all Can't F*** With Us", He also disses MC Ren on the track. Eazy responded with a diss aimed at Tweedy and many other of his rivals called "Ole School Sh**" where he claims that he always had more success in the hip hop industry than Tweedy ever had. MC Ren responded with a diss called "One False Move" from his solo debut Shock Of The Hour.

Tweedy also dissed Miami rapper and 2 Live Crew member Luke Campbell on this album in response to his diss song "Cowards In Compton". Tweed responded with his own song, "F*** Miami". The main reason Tweedy dissed Luke was because Luke dissed his city, although "Cowards In Compton" was not actually aimed at Dangerous Records or Tweedy. Luke targeted the song at Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as revenge for being dissed by the duo on Dre's song "F*** Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')" from his 1992 solo debut The Chronic. Dangerous enjoyed becoming more open to the public, even though they are still considered underground to this day. In early 1995 before Eazy E's death from AIDS, Tweedy and Eazy decided to end their feud and be homies again and they were.

Ronnie Phillips and Tweedy Bird Loc are currently working with Eazy's 19 year old son, Lil Eazy E. It is unknown whether Tweedy Bird Loc will release another studio album.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Dangerous Records, Pump Records

Distributed By: Warlock Records

Produced By: Ronnie Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc

Style: Gangsta, Funk, Hardcore

Hood: Kelly Park

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


1 Tweedy Bird Loc Album B**** 03:32
2 Intro Tweedy For President 00:53
3 Tweedy Bird Loc Dub Sack 04:35
4 Tweedy Bird Loc, 4-Clips I'm Calling You A B**** 04:12
5 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Stretch, Big Wy, 4-Clips, Keystone, Lil Leak, Lil Stretch, Pops Walk That Walk 07:37
6 Tweedy Bird Loc, Lil Leak, Red Rum, Silkski Outta Here 04:55
7 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Bun, Dog, 4-Clips, Lil Leak, Skit Girls I've Done F*** Before 02:44
8 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Wy, 4-Clips Keep On Walkin 02:57
9 Tweedy Bird Loc My D*** Is Still Prejudiced 03:14
10 Tweedy Bird Loc, 4-Clips, Tammi Holt Gangsta Tweed 03:23
11 Tweedy Bird Loc, 4-Clips, KeyLow G I Got My Strap 03:57
12 Tweedy Bird Loc, 4-Clips, Keystone, Lil Leak F*** Miami 04:36
13 Tweedy Bird Loc, Baby Bird C Thru The Bullsh** 04:15
14 Skit Real Gangsta Sh** 01:01
15 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Bun, 4-Clips, Red Rum Y'all Can't F*** With Us 04:12
16 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Bun, Burnout, Da Marvin, 4-Clips, Lil Stretch, Troll Street Jokes 04:55
17 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Stretch, Big Wy, 4-Clips, Keystone, Lil Leak, Lil Stretch, Pops, Red Rum Dangerous Is The Sh** 06:19
18 Tweedy Bird Loc, Big Bun, D-Fingaz, Foe Clips, KeyLow G Shout Out 01:31
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