The Click - Down And Dirty

The Click | Down And Dirty | 1994 | Vallejo | CD Album

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The Click is a rap group from Hillside, Vallejo, California, made up of  E-40 (Earl Stevens), his cousin B-Legit (Brandt Jones), his brother D-Shot (Danell Stevens), and his sister Suga-T (Tanina Stevens).

Down And Dirty is the debut album by the rap group. The album was recorded from 1991 to 1992 and was released on cassette's and LP's in 1993. It was re-issued on CD in 1994 for Sick Wid' It Records and distributed by SMG Solar Music Group. The beats were produced by Studio Ton, Mike Mosley and The Click Production. A music video was produced for the song, "Tired of Being Stepped On", featuring Levitti and featured a cameo appearance by C-Bo.

Jive records reissued Down and Dirty in 1995 on CD, although with several tracks remixed or missing from the original version.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Sick Wid' It Records

Distributed By: SMG Solar Music Group

Produced By: Studio Ton, Mike Mosley, The Click Production

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

Hood: Hillside

City: Vallejo

State: California

Area Code: 707


1 B-Legit, Mac D Shot, E-40 Let's Get Drunk 05:20
2 E-40 On A Mission 04:09
3 B-Legit, Mugsey Ballers 01:03
4 B-Legit, E-40, Kav-v-o, Mugsey Street Life 04:59
5 B-Legit, E-40 MIC Check 03:53
6 E-40 Mr. Flamboyant 06:14
7 B-Legit Tramp Dogs 05:09
8 B-Legit, Lil' Bruce Old School 04:38
9 B-Legit, E-40 The Sh** That Will Fu** With Your Brain Boy 04:50
10 E-40 She Was Only 16 04:45
11 B-Legit, Mac D Shot, E-40, Levitti Tired Of Being Stepped On 05:00
12 E-40, Suga T Sohabs 03:29
13 B-Legit Daily Routine 03:51
14 B-Legit, Mac D Shot, E-40 Click's Concert 00:27
15 Kav-v-o Porno Star 03:21
16 B-Legit, E-40 Party In The V-Town 04:08
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