• Street Soulga | Life Threatnin: Dawn Of The Dead | 1994 | Compton | CD EP

Street Soulga - Life Threatnin: Dawn Of The Dead

Street Soulga | Life Threatnin Dawn Of The Dead | 1994 | Compton | CD Album

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Street Soulga was a gangsta rap group from Compton, California, that consists of rappers Tootie & Laywiy. Their debut EP entitled "Life Threatnin - Dawn Of The Dead", was released in 1994 for Blak Koncrete Recordz and produced by Tootie for Night Stawka Productionz. The album features guest appearances by Brotha Rick Rock, Da Convicted Felon, and MC Ren.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Blak Koncrete Recordz

Produced By: Tootie for Night Stawka Productionz

Style: Gangsta, Funk, Hardcore

City: Compton

State: California

Area Code: 310


1 Brotha Rick Rock, Laywie, Tootie, Dre The Violence Initiative (To Be Continued)
2 Laywiy, Tootie Street Soulga
3 Laywiy, Tootie, Yol'anda Street Life
4 Laywiy, Tootie, Deon Ghetto Stories
5 Laywiy, Tootie, Mc Ren, Da Konvicted Felon, Brotha Rick Rock Eye Of The Storm (Continued From #1)
6 Laywiy, Tootie, Deon Ghetto Stories (Instrumental)
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