• South Park Mexican | Hillwood | 1995 | Houston | CD Album

South Park Mexican - Hillwood

South Park Mexican | Hillwood | 1995 | Houston | CD Album

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South Park Mexican (born Carlos Coy) is a gangsta rap artist from the Southside of Houston, Texas, and founder of Dope House Records. His debut album, "Hillwood" was released in 1995 by Dope House Records and was produced by Bernie Bismark, Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell and South Park Mexican.

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Released: 1995

Record Label: Dope House Records

Executive Producer: Arthur Coy Jr.

Produced By: Bernie Bismark, Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell, South Park Mexican

Style: Gangsta, Screw

Hood: South Park

City: Houston

State: Texas

Area Code: 713


1 South Park Mexican Comin Up Comin Down (Radio) 03:56
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
2 South Park Mexican Revenge 05:29
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
3 South Park Mexican Hillwood 04:11
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
4 South Park Mexican H-Town G-Funk 05:08
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
5 South Park Mexican Children Of The Ghetto (Radio) 04:28
Produced By: Bernie Bismark
6 South Park Mexican Freeworld To The Pen (Radio) 05:45
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
7 Sоuth Pаrk Mеxican Comin Up (Remix) 05:08
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
8 Sоuth Pаrk Mеxican Vengeance (Remix) 07:10
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
9 Sоuth Pаrk Mеxican Hellified Hills (Remix) 05:23
Produced By: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell
10 Sоuth Pаrk Mеxican Children Of The Ghetto (Remix) 05:29
Produced By: Bernie Bismark
11 Sоuth Pаrk Mеxican Deep Instrumental 04:57
Produced By: Dope E, South Park Mexican
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