• South Circle | Nothin But Drama | 1995 | Atlanta | CD Album

South Click - Nothin But Drama

South Click | Nothin But Drama | 1995 | Atlanta | CD Album

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South Click was a gangsta rap group from Atlanta, Georgia. Their debut album, "Nothin But Drama" was released in 1995 by Power Records in association with Triad Records. The album was produced by Rob "Masta" Allen, Deon Weathers and Mick Fanning.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Power / Triad Records

Distributed By: Triad Records

Produced By: Deon Weathers, Mick Fanning, Rob "Masta" Allen

Style: Gangsta

City: Atlanta

State: Georgia

Area Code: 404


I South Click Klick Um Up
II South Click Hard Time Gangsta
III South Click Crack Pipe Epidemic
IV Sоuth Cliсk The Life Of A Hoodlum
V Sоuth Cliсk South Click Til I Die
VI Sоuth Cliсk In The South
VII Sоuth Cliсk 187 Episode
VIII Sоuth Cliсk Brothers With The Gats
IX Sоuth Cliсk Race War
X Sоuth Cliсk G-Ride
XI Sоuth Cliсk What Do U Want
XII Sоuth Cliсk Who Got Da Funk
XIII Sоuth Cliсk Curtains
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