• Pooh-Man - Ain't No Love

Pooh-Man - Ain't No Love

Pooh-Man - Ain't No Love

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Pooh-Man (real name Lawrence Tate) is a hip-hop/rap artist from Oakland, California, and former member of Too $hort's Dangerous Crew. His fourth studio album, "Ain't No Love" was released in 1994 by In-A-Minute Records. All songs produced by "G-Man" Stan Keith.

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Released: 1994

Record Label: In-A-Minute Records

Produced By: "G-Man" Stan Keith

Co-Produced By: Pooh-Man

Style: Gangsta

City: Oakland

State: California

Area Code: 510


1 Pooh-Man In The Gutter
2 Pooh-Man Gangsta
3 Pooh-Man What The Deuce Look Like
4 Pooh-Man Just Another Drive By
5 Pooh-Man If It's Going Down
6 Pooh-Man Back Breaker
7 Pooh-Man Ain't No Love
8 Pooh-Man Don't Test Yo Pimpin
9 Pooh-Man Let's Ride
10 Pooh-Man, 20 Sack, D-Funk, P-Funk Murder Rap
11 Pooh-Man, Winky Letters From The Pen
12 Pooh-Man, Money B Down Low
13 Pooh-Man Fade My Flow
14 Pooh-Man, Winky Street Games
N/A 15 Pooh-Man, Ashley, Booky Why I Gotta Be A Bitch
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