• Pizo The Beat Fixer | Rollin' A Drop | 1995 | Sacramento | CD Album

Pizo 'The Beat Fixer' - Rollin' A Drop

Pizo The Beat Fixer | Rollin' A Drop | 1995 | Sacramento | CD Album

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Pizo 'The Beat Fixer' is a hip-hop/rap artist and DJ from Hayward, California. His debut album entitled, "Rollin' A Drop" was released in 1995 by Wax That Azzs / Down To Earth Records in association with Sacramento-based hip-hop label Black Market Records. The album was produced by Pizo 'The Beat Fixer' and Charlie McNasty and features appearances by rappers Spice 1, Money B and Poohman.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Down To Earth Records, Wax That Azzs

Distributed By: Black Market Records

Produced By: Charlie McNasty, Pizo 'The Beat Fixer'

Style: Gangsta, Mobb

City: Hayward

State: California

Area Code: 510


1 Pizo Intro
2 Pizo Pizo & Wayne Wayne
3 Pizo, Spice 1 Rollin A Drop
4 Pizо Bad Meaning Bad
5 Pizо, Pooh Man, Money B. Slangin That YaYo
6 Pizо Ni**as In Cali
7 Pizо, Pooh Man Hows Your Wife & My Son
8 Pizо Turntable Might Wobble
9 Pizо, Sugar Ray Howell Weekend In Da Summer
10 Pizо Ghetto Pass Or Ghetto Heaven
11 Pizо Yesterday Track
12 Pizо I Want To Get High
13 Pizо Mellow Mood
14 Pizо Let Me Ride
15 Pizо Dam That D.J.
16 Pizо Po To Havin Doe
17 Pizо Pizo & Wayne Wayne Outro
18 Pizо Weekend In The Summer (Remix)
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