• Pistol | They Shoulda Kill'd Me | 1995 | Nashville | CD Album

Pistol - They Shoulda Kill'd Me

Pistol | They Shoulda Kill'd Me | 1995 | Nashville | CD Album

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Pistol (born Leroy Gordon) is a gangsta rap artist from Nashville, Tennessee. His second album, "They Shoulda Kill'd Me" was released in 1995 by the independent hip-hop label Street Flavor Records. The album was produced by Sonny Paradise and Kevin "DJ Dev" Grisham and features appearances by rappers Boogie, Bruce Jr., Charlie D., J-Rock Sterling Baugh, K-C, Lucky, and Pimp Fresh.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Street Flavor Records

Distributed By: Select-O-Hits

Produced By: Kevin "DJ Dev" Grisham, Sonny Paradise

Style: Gangsta

City: Nashville

State: Tennessee

Area Code: 615


1 Pistol Intro / They Shoulda Killed Me 06:01
2 Pistol Fu**in' Wit Me 04:17
3 Pistol Do Yo B*tch Got Luv 04:52
4 Pistol Them Ni**a'z Ain't Real 05:22
5 Pistol Grind'n 05:06
6 Pistol Prodject Ni**a'z 04:53
7 Pistоl Everybody Wants 2B A G. 05:07
8 Pistоl Ain't No Tell'n 04:16
9 Pistоl Kick'n It Wit Da King' 06:25
10 Pistоl Check Yo B*tch 05:19
11 Pistоl Life Of A Playa / Out Of Here 08:01
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