Some Nuts Outtha Projects - Nuttin All Over Your Face

Some Nuts Outtha Projects | Nutt'in All Over Your Face | 1994 | Oakland | CD Album

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Some Nuts Outtha Projects (S.N.O.P.) was a gangsta rap group from West Oakland, California. The group members were rappers Mr. Key, T-Nut, and Joseph "Kilo" Cotton Jr. They released their debut tape Life Styles Of The Poor & Starv'n in 1992.

Nuttin All Over Your Face is the debut studio album by Some Nuts Outtha Projects, released in 1994 for Treasure Line Records. The album was entirely produced by Krushadelic of the West Oakland rap duo Underground Rebellion. It was executively produced by Joseph "Kilo" Cotton, Jr.

Format:  Digital Download MP3

Released: 1994

Record Label: Treasure Line Records

Produced By: Krushadelic for Krushadelic Productions

Style: Dirty, Gangsta, Funk

City: Oakland

State: California

Area Code: 510


1 S.N.O.P. Feel My Nuts 02:36
2 S.N.O.P. Come Take A Ride Wit' A Nut 03:37
3 S.N.O.P. Luv Me Not 04:34
4 S.N.O.P., Krushadelic Mackadamian Nuts 05:39
5 S.N.O.P. Nut Case 04:08
6 S.N.O.P. Bing 04:11
7 S.N.O.P. A Nut Like Me 04:34
8 S.N.O.P. Young Savages 04:31
9 S.N.O.P. Hello 04:08
10 S.N.O.P. 2 Nuts High And Rising 04:28
11 S.N.O.P. Squirrels Uh Do Anything For A Nut 04:17
12 S.N.O.P., Underground Rebellion Buds From Da Stem 05:08
13 S.N.O.P. No Sleep 03:56
14 S.N.O.P. West Oakland 04:52
15 S.N.O.P. Mackadamian Nuts (Cashew Mix) 05:38
16 S.N.O.P. And We Out!! 04:03
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