• Northside - Dodge City

Northside - Dodge City

Northside - Dodge City

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Northside was a hip-hop/rap group from Richmond, California, made up of D.J. Doe, Cool-E and Kid. Their debut studio album, "Dodge City" was released in 1994 by Tact Out Records in association with SMG Solar Music Group.

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Released: 1994

Record Label: Tact Out Records, SMG Solar Music Group

Executive Producer: Bennie Kemp, Marcus Mitchell, Rayshun Kemp

Produced By: Northside

Style: Gangsta

City: Richmond

State: California

Area Code: 510


1NorthsideDodge City
2NorthsidePack The Right Thang
3NorthsideGet On Down
4NorthsideJust Another Nigga Dead
5NorthsideDo You Feel Lucky
6NorthsideParty In The Projects (Radio)
7NorthsideNorthside (Bonus Beat)
8NorthsideSick Wit It
9NorthsideAll Night Long
10NorthsideParty In The Projects
11NorthsidePass The Pussy
13NorthsideNorth Side
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