• Mystikal | Mind Of Mystikal | 1995 | New Orleans | CD Album

Mystikal - Mind Of Mystikal

Mystikal | Mind Of Mystikal | 1995 | New Orleans | CD Album

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"Mind Of Mystikal" is a re-release of the debut album by the hip-hop/rap artist Mystikal from the 12th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. The album was released in 1995 by Big Boy Records in association with Jive. The album production was handled entirely by Leroy "Precise" Edwards for Power Move Productions.

The tracks "Beware" and "Here I Go" were retaliation songs towards The B.G.'z and UNLV whom he was in conflict with at the time. The album was dedicated to Mystikal's sister, Michelle Taylor after her untimely death.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Big Boy Records, Jive

Distributed By: Zomba Recording Corporation

Executive Producer: Charles "Big Boy" Temple

Produced By: Leroy "Precise" Edwards

Style: Gangsta

Hood: 12th Ward

City: New Orleans

State: Louisiana

Area Code: 504


1 Mystikal Y'all Ain't Ready Yet 05:54
2 Mystikal, Insane Murderer 05:30
3 Mystikal, Precise Beware 03:35
4 Mystikal, G-Quikk, J-Dawg Mr. Hood Critic 04:08
5 Mystikаl I'm 04:24
6 Mystikаl, Black Menace Out That Boot Camp Clicc 04:20
7 Mystikаl, Michelle Tyler Not That Ni**a 06:20
8 Mystikаl, G-Quikk Smoke Something 02:06
9 Mystikаl That Ni**a Ain't Shit! 03:04
10 Mystikаl, The Boot Camp Clicc Mind Of Mystikal 03:43
11 Mystikаl Here I Go 05:44
12 Mystikаl Never Gonna Bounce (The Dream) 03:50
13 Mystikаl, G-Slimm, Precise Y'all Ain't Ready Yet (Remix) 05:57
14 Mystikаl, Michelle Tyler Not That Ni**a (Remix) 05:58
15 Mystikаl Dedicated To Michelle Tyler 01:07
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