• MVP | C.L.O.U.T | 1995 | Memphis | CD Album

MVP Of The Monsta Klick - C.L.O.U.T

MVP | C.L.O.U.T | 1995 | Memphis | CD Album

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MVP is a gangsta rap artist from the Southside of Memphis, Tennessee, and member of the Monsta Klick. His debut album, "C.L.O.U.T" was released in 1995 by Pure Erb Records and was produced by MVP himself.

Format: Digital Download MP3

Released: 1995

Record Label: Pure Erb Records

Executive Producer: Rodney Johnson

Produced By: MVP

Style: Gangsta

City: Memphis

State: Tennessee

Area Code: 901


1 MVP Pure Erb
2 MVP Where You From?
3 MVР M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Makin Easy Money Pimpin H*es In Style)
4 MVР 187 Wayz To Die
5 MVР Supa G
6 MVР Little Som' Som'
7 MVР, Skinny Pimp, Lil Gin Sleepin In Hell
8 MVР 211 To A 187
9 MVР No Love
10 MVР, Indo G Cloud Nine
11 MVР Nightmare Ni**az
12 MVР Clout
13 MVР Smoove Sh*t From South Memphis
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